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Connecting more easily

1st October 2013

Motortrader's automotive sales website makes connecting with a car dealer more convenient for buyers. If you're a car buyer who wants to find out more about a car for sale, fill in your details in the Email Seller box and the dealer will get back to you with the information you want at a way that is most suitable for you. Just specify if you prefer the dealer to call/email or send you a text message. No more worries about a call coming in when you're busy or about not being able to communicate with the salesman because you may not speak a common language. Then, read the reply when you're free or ask the salesman to call you at a pre-arranged time.

The email feature also helps the salesman serve you better as along with providing your contact details, if you let him know your budget and your car-buying plans, he can recommend alternatives.

Over 25,000 cars are listed on the Motortrader website with hundreds added every day. Sellers' listings are updated as cars are sold so visitors to the website are looking at cars which are currently available. The email feature is an added benefit to enable the seller to respond to potential buyers in a way that is convenient for both parties.

Motortrader has been matching car buyers with their dreams since 1998 and the Email Seller function is another useful feature on its website to help make those dreams come true.


You are here: Home > News Release > Year 2013 > Connecting more easily