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Peace of mind for used car buyers with Goo Warranty

3rd December 2015

PROTO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (PROTO), Car Credo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Car Credo), and Opal Auto Mart Sdn. Bhd. (Opal) have joined forces to provide car-buyers in Malaysia with more peace of mind after they have made their purchase.

The three companies are involved in bringing Goo Warranty to the Malaysian used car market, which will be available from January 2016 following today’s official signing ceremony of the MoU (Memorandum Of Understanding) and Service Agreement relating to Goo Warranty.

PROTO and Car Credo developed Goo Warranty based on a similar concept used in Japan by PROTO Corporation, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Adapting the concept to Malaysian consumers’ requirements and the local conditions, the two companies are collaborating with Opal to offer Goo Warranty to Malaysians. PROTO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of PROTO Corporation of Japan and Car Credo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of Car Credo Co., Ltd.

In the case of Goo Warranty, it offers those who buy used cars peace of mind as they will avoid costly bills to repair or replace parts during the first 12 months after purchasing their vehicle. Although used car dealers may offer some ‘limited warranties’, there is usually no formal warranty coverage such as what Goo Warranty offers.

Commenting on the introduction of Goo Warranty, Kenya Ikutsu, Managing Director of PROTO Malaysia, said: “This new offering is a further development by PROTO to bring new products and services to the Malaysian automobile market. We wish to use our knowledge and experience as a contribution to upgrade the local auto industry, particularly in the area of the used car business.”

Car Credo has been offering Goo KANTEI services since September 2015 and these services are for the inspection and evaluation of used vehicles. Goo KANTEI services have been available in Japan since 2006 and Taiwan since 2013 and are certified by the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA) which has strict standards that must be followed.

The inspectors from Car Credo are highly experienced personnel from Japan who have personally inspected thousands of vehicles in Japan. Their inspection is extensive, covering a maximum of 344 points around the vehicle’s structure, bodywork, and engine. The results of each inspection are described on a form and ratings are given, together with a Goo KANTEI certificate of inspection.

For Goo Warranty, Car Credo’s inspectors will conduct an inspection on every vehicle to be covered by the warranty, applying the same strict standards of Goo KANTEI. Following the inspection and certification, the car-buyer will be offered Goo Warranty powered by Opal.

“Today, we are also witnessing a service agreement partnership between Car Credo and Opal to deploy Goo Kantei as part of Opal’s vehicle inspection requirements,” said David Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Opal Auto Mart. He added that Opal, one of the leading auto warranty providers in Malaysia, will take advantage of its nationwide workshop network (currently 124 authorized panel workshops in Peninsular Malaysia) to support Goo Warranty. Goo Warranty is underwritten by a well-established and reputable insurance company so as to retain financial stability.

To be eligible for Goo Warranty, the vehicle must be registered for private use and not be more than 8 years old with not more than 100,000 kms mileage covered. Initially, it will be available in the Klang Valley area (through most used car dealers) which has the largest number of vehicles in the country. All makes and models are eligible for Goo Warranty but before it is provided, the vehicle must under a Goo Kantei inspection by Car Credo’s inspectors.


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