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Goo KANTEI services at ENEOS Car Centre Malaysia

11th April 2016

PROTO Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PROTO) has established a collaboration with ENEOS Car Centre Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ENEOS) for the provision of Goo KANTEI services to customers in Malaysia. Goo KANTEI is an Inspection Service for automobiles introduced by PROTO and its sister company, Car Credo Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2015.

A popular service in Japan since 2006, Goo KANTEI services are conducted by qualified inspectors from Japan who have been certified by the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA). With a Goo KANTEI inspection carried out, car-buyers can make their purchase with more confidence as they will be more aware of the condition of the vehicle. Information about the inspection is provided in an easy-to-understand document which contains specific details of the condition of many important areas of the vehicle. A star rating is also provided as a summary of the overall condition of the vehicle.

In the collaboration with ENEOS, Goo KANTEI inspections will be available at the premises of ENEOS outlets in the Klang Valley. At present, there are two outlets in the Klang Valley – at Aeon Metro Prima in Kepong and Aeon Bandar Utama (1Utama complex).

This make it more convenient for individual sellers of motor vehicles to obtain Goo KANTEI inspections. Goo KANTEI inspectors also visit used car dealers to provide inspections of vehicles at their premises.

Making Goo KANTEI inspections available at its premises is an extension of the services which are offered by ENEOS, which has a corporate history in Japan of over 100 years. Its business in Malaysia began in August 2003 for the management of car supplies specialty stores. It is a familiy company of JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation of Japan which has a successful chain of ENEOS stores throughout Japan.

Commenting on the collaboration, Kenya Ikutsu, Managing Director of PROTO, said that the company aims to make Goo KANTEI services more widely available to dealers as well as individual sellers. “By this collaboration with ENEOS, we now provide customers who wish to use the service convenient locations in the Klang Valley to go to,” he said.

“We believe that Goo KANTEI services can help to upgrade one aspect of the auto industry by verifying and assessing the condition of vehicles to be sold. This will benefit dealers and also give peace of mind to buyers,” he added.

The first Goo Kantei inspection at an ENEOS Car Centre was held at the Aeon Metro Prima outlet in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, this morning. The owner of a Mitsubishi ASX requested for the service after reading about it in Motor Trader magazine. As he may be selling off the vehicle in future, he wanted to have its condition thoroughly checked by experts so that any issues could be resolved before he sells it.

Goo KANTEI inspection K. Tadano conducted the inspection which covered 344 points around the vehicle. After the inspection, which took about 20 minutes, he informed the owner that the assessment was 5 stars (maximum) for the exterior and 4 stars for the interior. He explained that the condition of the seats was the reason why maximum stars could not be given.

All details of Goo KANTEI inspections are sent to Japan where the parent company stores them for future reference. Upon receipt of the information, a certificate with a unique serial number is sent to Malaysia by e-mail and printed out for the customer (usually within the same day as the inspection). This certificate, which has full details of the inspection and its scores, is valid for up to 6 months.

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